'Back to Tartu' by @sketchingpaas — from 'How to Tartu'

Back to Tartu


Artwork 'Back to Tartu' - it consists of three drawn views of a private house

'Back to Tartu'

Elisabeth and Priit moved to Tartu recently. She’s born in Tartu, he’s a born Talliner.

Together they bought an individuaalelamu, a private house built in the 1970s, in northern Tartu. It’s a characteristic home that both fascinates and challenges.

Tips for Explorers


Raadi, Variku, Ropka, or Vana-Ihaste neighbourhoods to see varying shapes, styles, and fates of Tartu individuaalelamud, built during the Soviet occupation, from the 1940s to 1980s.

Pictured here is another weather-worn favorite of mine, this time from Variku.


an account in the Bolt app or at Tartu Bike Share to rent scooters or bikes for quicker neighbourhood hopping. Both urban mobility networks cover the whole city.

Get a copy...

of Enriko Talvistu's book "Tartu villad" ('Villas of Tartu'). It speaks about various noteworthy one-family houses built in Tartu from the 1860s to nowadays. It's in Estonian, but visual and can be translated quite well with an app.

 Please check the official websites of the sights, institutions, or service providers for the latest information. Be respectful of the surroundings, stay safe, and have a happy exploring.



Freshly grilled
This is the European cisco that Elisabeth prepared for us. It's accompanied by a simple and delightful local summer salad.


A simple pencil sketch
I used this to figure out this work's composition. Then I made a more detailed pencil sketch and drew over it with a fineliner pen. Now I'm thinking about doing a digital fineliner redraw. Should I?


Weather-worn boards
I have a strong fondness for these. They are like a bittersweet reminder of a childhood that is gone, but not forgotten.

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