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How to Tartu



'How to Tartu'

'How to Tartu' is a collection of visual stories about what the City of Tartu is, was, and wants to be - as seen and felt, drawn and written by @sketchingpaas (with a little from his friends).

The stories explore people and places, events and everyday matters, from Raekoja plats to a suburban home, from a business festival to student celebrations. The first story 'Back to Tartu' was published in 8 August 2022.

As of August 2023, there are five published stories as the journey goes on.


Order a signed artwork

Signed and, should you so wish, framed prints of 'How to Tartu' stories are available upon order.

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Get a free map!

@sketchingpaas was commissioned by Visit Tartu to create the design and illustrations for the 'A Walk in Tartu' map. The result is an illustrated map, handy and great for discovering the contemporary and historical, artsy and tasty corners of the Tartu city center with your friends or family. Or on your own.

A printed copy of the map can be freely obtained from the Visitor Centre in the Town Hall (Raekoja plats 1a). In addition to the English map, an Estonian version is also available.

An illustrated map of Tartu city centre
A photo of Kalle Paas holding an artwork at Tartu Town Hall Square


✏️✒️ I'm an illustrator living in Tartu, Estonia. I work also in user experience research and design, and in communications at

A Tartuvian for 17 years, I've had the chances to experience the city from a number of angles.

I've been a radio DJ here, worked in managerial positions at JK Tammeka, the biggest football club in Tartu, and at the groundbreaking Sepa Jalgpallikeskus crowdfunding campaign.

I've volunteered for various causes such as Ukraina Maja, and I've been a part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 team.

I got immersed in drawing only in 2022, so I'm still in the beginning of this journey.

Follow my stories and wanderings on my pages on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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