'Raekoja plats' by @sketchingpaas — from 'How to Tartu'

Raekoja plats


Artwork 'Raekoja plats' - it presents the facades of all the Town Hall Square houses

'Raekoja plats'

For almost one thousand years, Raekoja plats, the Town Hall Square has been a central Tartu place for doing business and for socalizing.

The face of the square has changed a lot over the centuries. Its current look was shaped by the Great Fire of 1775, and the Second World War.

Tips for Explorers


a hearty breakfast at Pierre. While almost all places on Raekoja plats offer daily specials and a la carte in the evenings, only Pierre opens its doors at 8 a.m. My favorites: hot sandwiches or an omelet with a view to sunny Raekoja plats.


a selfie or group photo at the highly instagrammable #TARTU2024 landmark that's usually somewhere on the square. I commissioned it when working for the European Capital of Culture and it became even more popular than we had hoped.


into the Tartu Visitor Centre on the ground floor of the 236-year-old Town Hall. Take a free copy of the 'A Walk in Tartu' map for more exploration tips.

As you walk past the building you might as well bump into the mayor of Tartu, Urmas Klaas. If you're from Germany, greet him in German as he is fluent also in this language.

 Please check the official websites of the sights, institutions, or service providers for the latest information. Be respectful of the surroundings, stay safe, and have a happy exploring.



Compatibility check.
I finished 'Raekoja plats' after a whole year of development in July 2023 and took it to its natural habitat. Does it look alike?


The long road to 'Raekoja plats'
I did this first pencil sketch in 2022. Then I drew it with a fineliner, then did a digital redraw, and then another, and another...


The stuff that did not make it.
Earlier versions had more info than is healthy. These omitted facts and stories are part of Tartu and some day deserve their own artworks.

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