'On Riia Street' by @sketchingpaas — from 'How to Tartu'

On Riia Street


Artwork 'On Riia Street' - people at a bus stop in front, shopping centre Kvartal in the background

'On Riia Street'

It’s a late Wednesday afternoon in January, and it’s the rush hour on Riia street. When I’m fed up with the quiet of Tartu, I come here to absorb the motion of people and vehicles. I want Riia street to manifest to me that the city is alive!

This is the area that everyone’s most likely to cross in their daily commutes. Buses, cars, bikes, scooters, and pedestrians all have some business here.

It’s the commercial and logistical heart of the city. A heart that’s been reconstructed thoroughly since Tartu started a new chapter in its history after Estonia regained its independence in 1991.

Tips for Explorers


Plasku rooftop viewing platform. Offering a commanding view of the city centre, it's a popular spot for taking graduation pics and visionary politician photos.


at vSpa in Kvartal. They have the best selection of saunas in Tartu. Some have scheduled sauna rituals that offer a bit of sauna stand-up: the instructor cracks small jokes while teaching everyone how to apply shea butter.


an Illy coffee at Da Vinci, situated on the curved corner of Tasku, with a traffic controller's view of the busy crossroad. Next to it is Tartu's prettiest big bookshop - Rahva Raamat.

 Please check the official websites of the sights, institutions, or service providers for the latest information. Be respectful of the surroundings, stay safe, and have a happy exploring.



Bus rush
I did the reference photos for this artwork after getting off from bus nr 4 from VOCO. People rush towards the pedestrian crossing - either because of the cold or because you just gotta rush during the rush hour!


A Digital thing
This was the first work from 'How to Tartu' series, which I drew from the beginning with a digital tablet. With pencils and pens and I only did occasional reviewing of test prints.


Here's a look at you: we're in one of the bus stops on the other side of Riia Street, and we're looking at the bus stop from where you see the scene depicted.

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