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Artwork 'sTARTUp Day' - it presents the floor plan of the festival areas and activities

'sTARTUp Day'

I love the warm, energized, and international buzz of the people at this business festival. All these pitches, presentations, conversations, and festivities go much further than the venue itself.

I think this is a very good version of Tartu. sTARTUp Day saturates the city. The city needs it, and I hope, keeps it.

Tips for Explorers

by Mart Lättekivi, sTARTUp Day Head Organizer

'Just be...

yourself and you'll find a match that will last for a lifetime.'

'Do not...

take business, or life in general, too serious. We don't. We enjoy the fun parts of it.'


life seems meaningless, as Alex said on the stage, there's a good chance you will find the meaning at sTARTUp Day.'

 Please check the official websites of the sights, institutions, or service providers for the latest information. Be respectful of the surroundings, stay safe, and have a happy exploring.



This is the magic
A business festival is not unlike theatre. The magic appears before the spectators in a dark hall, on a lit stage.


"I don't check my bank account afterwards"
A big part of drawing and writing 'sTARTUp Day' was just walking around, listening to passers-by, and taking notes. Unfortunately I did not catch the whole quote - was it about partying or investing into a startup?


How to present your thing
Once I was here representing Tartu 2024. We branded this mixing table on which people could make music by laying out blocks with pre-set beats and samples. Because mixing is an essential creative method for almost anything. (Photo: Kiur Kaasik)

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